An expert app developer that creates stunning, high-end, user experiences with incredible attention to detail for Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile.

About Justin

Justin has been developing and publishing commercial software for a long time.

Early Adopter

He was one of the very first 3rd-party developers to work on the Apple iPhone before it was released and the same for Android.


Justin Lloyd is an expert mobile developer and has worked with Android, iOS and Windows mobile for as long as the mobile operating systems have existed.

Throughout Justin's career he has built apps, games, libraries, SDKs, APIs, device drivers and complex multi-tiered, monetarily secure, high-end, heavy-load applications that serve millions of requests per day.

Justin is the best game developer I've ever worked with. Phil C. Lead Creative Apple

Building Apps & Games

I am available to hire on a consulting basis to design, develop and bring to market your high-end mobile project on Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile.


I have designed and developed apps for established Fortune 100 and name brand start-ups

AAA Games

My specialty is creating AAA video games and casino games.

10x Management is retained as my agent. Having an agent permits me to concentrate on delivering an amazing end-user experience and exceed client expectations. I focus fully on creating breathtaking apps and my agent takes care of the small details of running a business.

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I have created VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) apps, games and tech demos for all of the current generation VR & AR hardware devices


long history of developing machine vision, image processing, AR and VR products going back to the early 1990s.

Open Source

Aspects of my OpenSource contributions and research have been used as the initial development for at least three separate augmented reality mobile SDKs on Android and iOS.

How Good Am I?

I have delivered world-class, household name products in the form of games, apps and SDKs for Electronic Arts, Activision-Blizzard, eBay, PayPal, Intel, Apple, Facebook, SONY, Mattel and a raft of funded start-ups that are now household names.

In the past two years I've taught forty, separate, week long, corporate training workshops on the subject of mobile software development.

My classes are taught at Apple, eBay, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, PayPal and Samsung. These classes cover the most advanced features and app infrastructures for Android, iOS and Windows mobile.

I also teach a deep Android Internals class that is a real rocket-science level deep dive into the Android operating system.

The subjects that I cover in my corporate training classes include building networked, database driven apps, games, low-level hardware device drivers, or booting Android on brand new hardware platforms.

Classes are designed strictly for senior engineers and lead engineers with many years of software development experience, usually on another mobile platform. The engineers are coming to a competing mobile platform afresh or the engineers need to beef up their knowledge about the next generation of the operating system they are already familiar with.

I am educating the engineers that are building the next generation of Android, iOS or Windows mobile operating systems in how to build the next generation operating systems.

What Other People Say...

10 out of 10 I loved the class. Justin is very knowledgeable and gave a good overview of iOS. Shylaja K. Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 This class went to 11! Like drinking from a fire hose. Mike W. Lead Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 Justin has a deep knowledge and extensive experience with Android. He made important connections between Linux, iOS and other systems. He supplements the course-ware with best known methods. Edward E. Intel 10 out of 10 The class was excellent. Justin covered a tremendous breadth of material, but treated each topic in sufficient depth for me to be comfortable. Brett W. Engineer Intel 10 out of 10 Justin's classes are fantastic. He knows more about our hardware and operating systems than our own engineers. Sam F. Lead Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 Justin did an excellent job. He is very engaging and entertaining. He has a strong, deep grasp of Android, iOS and Windows. I'd definitely take another class from him. Timothy S. Engineer Microsoft 10 out of 10 Justin kept the lectures interesting. Justin was great about backing up and repeating a section if someone got lost, and filling in the gaps in our background knowledge as required. Honestly one of the best classes I've ever taken. I would gladly take another class from Justin. Joe E. Engineer Facebook 10 out of 10 Justin is obviously very familiar with the material. He has a good presence in the classroom, holding the attention of the people of the class, ranging from tech expert to manager. He has a good rapport with the class. This was one of the most useful training classes I have ever taken. It is the right level of detail and speed for someone who is already an advanced iOS developer. Jim C. Leader Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 Awesome! Thanks Justin for getting that done so quick! Ryan J. Engineer Swisher Sweets 10 out of 10 Justin knows his stuff. He did a good job covering the iOS class material as well as answering detailed questions raised by the students. Jason H. Lead Engineer Facebook 10 out of 10 Justin is a great teacher. I love the live iOS coding session. David G. Lead Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 Great training. For experienced mobile engineers new to Android the course is excellent. Thanks Justin! Excellent job! Very entertaining also! Rajeev P. Engineer Intel 10 out of 10 Excellent class!!! Walter L. Development Director Apple 10 out of 10 Justin is a very interesting and engaging instructor. Justin's reservoir of real world experience has a lot of value. David L. Engineer Intel 9 out of 10 The instructor Justin is very knowledgeable. He's patient in debugging every issue student faced in coding from this class. Jian-Huei G. Engineer Intel 10 out of 10 It was awesome to have a very well-versed instructor like Justin guide us through this class. He went that extra mile to answer all the questions to the very tiniest of details and paint a clear picture of the entire Android stack! Priyanka K. Lead Engineer Facebook 10 out of 10 Mr. Lloyd is awesome. Along with a great sense of humor, it turned out to be a great class beyond what I expected. Shu-ling G. Engineer Microsoft 10 out of 10 Justin is a very knowledgeable Android instructor. Shirley H. Chief Engineer Samsung 10 out of 10 Justin has a natural way to make to make the class engaging. His expertise of the topic is very clear, no question was too small or too complex for him. Philip H. Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 Fantastic course, I learned a lot during it. I'd love to see this instructor back and teaching other material! Radu C. Lead Engineer Facebook 10 out of 10 in Very clear in explanation, answers all the questions thoroughly. Ranganath S. Engineer Microsoft 10 out of 10 The instructor, Justin Lloyd, is phenomenal. I will definitely look for training offered by this instructor again. Justin knew his materials inside/out and was truly an expert. Thanks Justin! It was a pleasure to be in your class and look forward to training with you again in the future! :) Frank D. Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 The instructor is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He took extra time during break, lunchtime and even after class to respond to questions and help with debugging. Florence G. Lead Engineer Apple 10 out of 10 Justin is an exceptional teacher. It is obvious that he really understands the material and provided excellent responses to the more complicated of technical questions. An instructor I wish could do all my learning & development. Trevor B. Engineer Intel 10 out of 10 Amazed about Justin's industry experience and knowledge with Android and iOS! Wei W. Engineer Intel 10 out of 10 Excellent class for understanding Android OS. Mandar P. Engineer Samsung 10 out of 10 Justin is excellent with Android. Libby M. Lead Engineer Intel

One Other Point...

Over my career I have created more than a billion dollars of verifiable real-world value for my clients. I have launched more than 200 digital and physical products into the world on 26 different platforms. When you hire me you are hiring a “smart, get things done” seasoned developer capable of ensuring that your product gets launched.

You don't hire me to build a throwaway, low-budget app with no marketing behind it.

You hire me to design and develop an amazing user experience with stunning attention to detail that will firmly cement your company's position as #1 in that space.

You're a rare innovator that doesn't believe in boundaries or limitations. Glen Durrant Project Manager Internet Brands

Contact Justin

Feel free to email me concerning your Android, iOS or Windows 10 mobile project, or to just say hello!


You blow me away with your grasp of technology and the business uses it can be put to. John Bates Marketing Evangelist Electromedia Productions