Justin Lloyd

A fractional Chief Technology Officer that builds award-winning engineering teams.

About Justin

Justin is your quarterback-turned-coach.

A veteran of the technology industry, he has founded six start-ups and worked at six other start-ups as either engineer #1 or early hire. Justin has also worked for a number of Fortune 500s. He has created $1B dollars of real world value over his career.

Justin's career has spanned the entire spectrum of digital consumer and enterprise products from video games to real-money casino gaming to B2C apps that are household names capable of handling millions of requests per day.

You blow me away with your grasp of technology and the business uses it can be put to. John B. Marketing Evangelist Electromedia Productions


With 37 years of client facing eCommerce, product creation, marketing and business operations leadership I bring an holistic approach to management and software architecture.

When you need an experienced and fully-versed Chief Technology Officer to implement a strategic vision that will bring your product to market you should demand someone that has shipped hundreds of digital products on dozens of different platforms to help guide and fulfill your start-up potential.

Your start-up success depends upon it and you should have nothing less.

I currently work with a small number of fledgling start-ups in their early growth planning and technology decisions, building a road map that will ensure future products can be delivered and the engineering stays on course.

My responsibility is to help you hire the right people, especially engineers, on-boarding new staff members into the company culture and building up your start-up so that it can deliver an amazing customer experience. I have helped grow start-ups through their early years that are now recognizable household names.

You can hire me as a consultant in two different roles.

Need to rapidly develop the next iteration of your app or SaaS?

Hire me with an engineering focus; I am full-stack and all-stack: web, desktop, embedded, VR, AR, Android, iOS, Windows 10 mobile with dozens of languages, frameworks and SDKs under my belt.

You retain me as a down-in-the-trenches CTO that rolls up his sleeves and writes code for most of the time, but ensures that the technology and architecture is being steered properly. This is your best option when you are very early stage and racing to bring your product to market. This is where you want an experienced quarterback leading and directly interfacing with your engineers. To mix sports metaphors, I am an engineering heavy hitter, especially on mobile.

Need a more product development and project management focused fractional Chief Technology Officer?

Retain me as an executive Chief Technology Officer that sets the strategic vision, aids in identifying and hiring desirable, high-quality engineers to build out your team and works to evangelize your company and its technology IP. If your start-up is more mature and further along in development, strategy and tactics play an ever increasing role that requires a maturity many first-time CTOs lack. This is my coaching role, I can work alongside your current CTO and mentor them, or if you don't have a CTO, I can step in to that role.

Which role you pick depends on the maturity of your startup and your precise needs.

You don't need to wait for me to grow in to the role of a CTO, I've already grown there, I just never forgot my hardware development and software development roots. I write code every day that solves interesting problems in big data, machine learning, machine vision, augmented reality, 3D graphics and other deep technical problems.

My client list over the years has consisted of companies such as Apple, Facebook, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, PayPal, Microsoft, SONY, Activision-Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Mattel, DreamWorks, Vivendi Universal and eBay. There are many others, including dozens of start-ups that I have advised and mentored, that are too numerous to list here.

Justin is the best game developer I have ever worked with. Phil C. Lead Creative Apple

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